Women Arise

WOMEN ARISE is a connecting place for Women to engage with God and each other. It’s a forum for every Woman seeking God’s grace to enjoy a passionate, growing relationship with Christ while pursuing genuine fellowship with fellow sisters. We are a group of diverse Women who love God and are excited about opportunities to assist women recognize their place in their WORLD while maximizing their God given potentials. Women Arise is passionate about developing every Woman’s love for Christ while empowering her with the dynamic word of God. We are passionate about the next generation because they are our future. We must leave a legacy for our children to follow.

We believe that a strong family builds a strong church and ultimately a strong nation. Our mandate is to empower our women and young ladies today, creating a legacy for future generations to follow. We must encourage every Woman to allow God’s word inspire her to love, learn and lead the present and future generations Titus 2:3-5.

WOMEN ARISE recognizes every Woman is created different with unique needs, weaknesses and strengths. WOMEN ARISE is an opportunity for every Woman to come as they are, worship and fellowship without being judged by fellow sisters. WOMEN ARISE is the Women’s Ministry of Christ Throne.

Our mission is to empower the 21st century Woman to recognize her place in God’s kingdom while maximizing her potentials. In furtherance of our mission, Women Arise holds conferences and meetings to keep every Woman engaged, informed and inspired. Women Arise Conferences and

Meetings include:

Women Arise Annual Conference: all women gathering

Women Arise Bible study: Small Groups Women Bible Study

Women Arise Beauty/Fitness: Small Group Beauty and fitness classes.

Women Arise lead women in a wider &
growing relationship with
Jesus Christ.

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